October 8, 2019

All Hail the Hydration Nation: Drinking Water (and other really bad blog titles) “Drink more water!” Ahhh, what a wonderful world it would be if we were all given a pound for every time we heard that! But the thing is, they’re absolutely right to be shouting it from the rooftops! Hydration is critical when … Read More

gut health

July 31, 2019

FOLLOW YOUR GUT…’S HEALTH You have bacteria living inside you. There, we said it (sorry germaphobes).  But the good news is that they’re actually good for us, and we need them to survive. Most of them live in our gut, and they are the key to good digestion, weight regulation and keeping your immune system … Read More


June 27, 2019

Sleepless In Seattle. Except This Is Not A Romcom. And “Seattle” Is Your Life. And You Need To Find A Way To Go To Sleep Now. So You Decide To Get A Massage.  Why do we need sleep? Scientifically, nobody is sure, but we don’t need white coats and experiments to tell us that we … Read More


May 30, 2019

There’s more to it than you might think. In fact, we could write a trilogy of books on it… Ah, the hot sun on our backs, the warm glow of a new lightbulb, the sweet crunch of a cereal bar after a workout! When it comes to energy, most people accept E=MC2 because seeing is … Read More


April 26, 2019

From survival skill to marathon enthusiast The challenge is in the name. So how do you even go about attempting to run a marathon if you are a beginner? “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham Why run in the first place? Because … Read More