chair massage

Perfect if you’re looking to unwind in a hurry. Chair massage focuses on the neck, back and shoulders and is an energising way to recharge your batteries without having to remove any clothes. The longer you have, the better you feel!

> relax freestyle
Pure heaven. Indulge in our ‘let yourself go’ chair massage experience – 45 minutes of tailored loveliness to tackle any aches, pains and tensions, and put the smile back in your day. Just tell us how much pressure you'd like!

45 mins - £50

> relax unwinder
A session of sheer delight to help you wind down and deal with the challenges of modern living. Leaves you ‘raring’ to do what you need to do and when you need to do it! Our most popular chair massage!

30 mins - £35

> relax reviver
A great massage designed to give you back some of your sparkle and put you on fast-forward for the rest of the day. An excellent choice if you’re a little pushed for time, at lunchtimes or on your way home after work!

20 mins - £25

> relax energiser
The classic sequence that all our chair treatments are based on; invigorating neck, back, shoulder and arm massage – pure pleasure! A very powerful pitstop.

15 mins - £20

> relax booster
The more you have the better you feel and the booster is the perfect way to try chair massage on for size. Be warned however, most people say 'I wish I had asked for longer!'

10 mins - £15