What should I wear during a massage?

For chair massage, normal every day wear is fine. For body treatments, please undress as you feel comfortable! Relax therapists are fully trained in towel etiquette and will answer any questions you have.

You can also shower before or after a body treatment - we have two luxury client bathrooms and lots of lovely robes!

How will I feel after my treatment?

For more relaxing treatments like aromatherapy, you’ll feel completely relaxed and chilled out. For stronger massages like deep tissue or chair massage, you may feel like you’ve had a proper workout! You might even experience a little soreness / show some light ‘bruising’ over the following days. This is quite normal and really depends on your stress and toxins levels. Don’t worry though, the benefits of massage continue to work and you’ll soon feel much better – just drink lots of lovely fresh water!

How often should I have a treatment?

It really depends on your lifestyle, but if you know you feel great after a treatment – the question should really be ‘how often do you want to feel great?

You’d probably say every single day! Ultimately how regularly you have a massage treatment will come down to your time and budget. We recognise this and therefore have a range of offers that reward anyone that has massage on a regular basis!

How was it for you?

A close second to the gift of massage, is the gift of feedback. Relax needs, wants and definitely loves to know what you thought your treatment? We know if we get it right, two things will happen; you will come back and become a loyal client - and you will tell other people about relax.

So please help us to help you – by firstly telling your therapist about the pressure you like and by completing the 5 simple questions we’ll send to you after your visit to relax.