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“Best reviver after a weekend of shopping. Friendly, professional and clean. Best deep tissue massage I had in a long time. A must do.”

“One of the BEST massages ever”

“I had an excellent deep tissue massage. As a much-massaged individual, I would rate this as one of my best massage experiences!

“Truly relaxing experience”

“After a warm welcoming, the receptionist guided me to the first floor - my relaxing experience has begun....... I felt really comfortable and relaxed during and after the massage.”

“Professional reliable service in nice surroundings”

“Had an excellent deep tissue massage treatment. Very professional and knowledgable therapist. Easy location in Covent Garden, clean calming rooms and friendly staff. Easy to book online.”

“Best 15 minutes of My Trip”

“I happened upon this place while walking around the 7 dials area during my last 45 mins before going to the airport to leave London. I had flown about 10,000 miles in the past 6 days, so needed a bit of a release.  I highly recommend this place and it will surely be on my list when I visit again in a few months.”

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